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Nobody, least of all a dentist, wants to remove teeth. But sometimes, an oral surgery extraction is the only way to ensure your ongoing dental health. Kristopher Oroz, DDS, is an experienced oral surgeon at Katy Trails Family Dentistry in Katy, Texas. He and his team create a calm, welcoming atmosphere for all his patients, allowing them to feel relaxed during their procedure. Don't put off a necessary tooth extraction. Call the practice or request an appointment online today.

Oral Surgery Extractions Q & A

What is an oral surgery extraction?

An extraction procedure involves removing a tooth. Depending on your situation, Dr. Oroz recommends either a simple or oral surgery extraction.

Simple extraction

Simple extractions are straightforward, and Dr. Oroz removes the tooth using forceps alone. Typically you remain awake during this procedure.

Oral surgery extraction

Dr. Oroz has to perform a surgical extraction when the tooth being removed is impacted or partly visible. To get the tooth out, he cuts into the gum, sometimes even the bone. 

If you need a tooth extraction, Dr. Oroz talks you through the process and explains your options.

When might you need an oral surgery extraction?

Although tooth extraction is often linked to a dental problem, removing a tooth can be an effective preventive aid, too — especially for children. Dr. Oroz may recommend tooth extraction for any of the following reasons.

  • Tooth infection
  • Gum disease
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Tooth or gum injury
  • Overcrowding relief
  • Baby tooth removal
  • Orthodontics preparation
  • Prosthetics preparation

While you may feel anxious when told that you need an oral surgery extraction, it's a standard and safe procedure. If you have concerns or questions, speak with Dr. Oroz.

How to prepare for an oral surgery extraction?

Ahead of your tooth extraction, Dr. Oroz runs through a series of health questions to make sure your treatment goes smoothly. You can avoid delays by preparing beforehand.

Health information

Bring with you information on your health history, along with a list of any medication you're currently taking and its dosage. Dr. Oroz will also need to know of past and upcoming surgeries. 

Important documents

Remember to bring any insurance documents with you and any other paperwork you feel may be useful, just in case.


Be sure to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing anything that has a busy neckline, such as a turtleneck shirt or hooded sweatshirt.

Travel home

Never drive yourself home after a procedure. Arrange for someone to take you home and, ideally, stay with you for two or three hours.

Dr. Oroz has years of experience in performing oral surgery extractions. Find out more or schedule a consultation at Katy Trails Family Dentistry today. Call the practice or inquire online.